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Grateful Dead Live at Sandstone Ampitheatre on 1991-06-25

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Grateful Dead Live at Sandstone Ampitheatre on 1991-06-25

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Jack Straw, Sugaree, Walkin Blues, Candyman, Memphis Blues, Tennessee Jed, The Music Never Stopped Scarlet Begonias-> Fire On The Mountain, Truckin', Smokestack Lightning-> He's Gone-> Drums-> Jam-> Comes A Time-> Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad-> Good Lovin', E: It's All Over Now Baby Blue

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Sandstone Ampitheatre
Location Bonner Springs, KS

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Dat (Tascam DA20)> CD (Tascam CDRW700)> EAC> Samplitude v7.02 Professional> Cool Edit Pro v2.0> SHN; All Transfers and Editing By Charlie Miller; note upgrade compared to prev sources in circ (NOT from liberated bootleg)


Reviewer: Mooding - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 25, 2015
Subject: what a Summer tour
I caught everything except the large East coast stadiums (only bummed about 6-17) and both nights at Sandstone were very hot, literally and literally.

Solid first set here, not quite as good as the night before but still respectable. Opening Scarlet > Fire is among the longest (ever) and really pushed boundaries for this late in their career. The other main highlight is the Comes A Times out of space, which Jerry begins teasing 4+ minutes before starting it in earnest. This was my first and only time to see it and when I heard those first teased notes, I stood bolt upright and listened as hard as I could, pulling for it to happen with all the energy I could. No disappointment with the version at all, it's lovely. Jerry doesn't slow down and pushes straight into a nice GDTRFB. Echoing what others have mentioned, Jerry completely blows off the beginning of Good Lovin', deciding a smoke made more sense. Bobby is left alone for what I'm sure felt like a really long time to him. Not sure what Jerry wanted him to play, but it certainly was not Good Lovin'. Still worth a listen though as is the night before and most of the rest of Summer '91.
Reviewer: zzzboxofrainzzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 30, 2013
Subject: Had one of those flashes.....
Good show for the era. Seemed like every now and again the boys would get in a great groove and, while not as crips as the 70's and 80's, put on a show that had you wanting more and more. Like the lead on Scarlet. The Fire, as noted, is a good one. Comes a Time remains one of my favorites. But what makes summer '91 stand out for me is the absence of the non-Garcia material that would have made the next studio album. The Built to Last material had been integrated into the rotation with the rest of the catalog - rather than dominating sets - and the next batch of new tunes hadn't hit the rotation yet [sorry folks, but I am not a fan of Easy Answers, Corrina, Wave to the Wind, Mathilda, Long Way Home, Samba in the Rain, or If the Shoe Fits]. So what you had were diverse sets covering the history of the band through Built to Last. The only "downer" was Vince. He could play keys okay, but his voice was painful. Long story longer and more tedious..... 1991 was the last year where they boys would play strong an entire show. But no matter how well they played, it just wasn't the same with Vince on keyboards. Keith was a huge change from Pigpen, but he took them in a new and jazzy direction. Brent was a huge change from Keith, but he took them in a rock & blues direction. Vince just didn't fit. I know he loved Jerry and the band and was a Bay Area guy. But if the shoe doesn't fit.....
Reviewer: darkstarcrashes_79 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 19, 2013
Subject: Jerry vs. Bobby lol
I remember Jerry getting pissed at Bobby at more than this show. I presume he thought Bobby would pick a more jamming tune to top of this little nugget in Kansas? seemed to me Jerry got a bit disgruntled at a lot of the Queen Jane's in 90 too. After the Epic S/F here Jerry pretty much carried this set no complaining here though. I always heard Jerry was a perfectionist so I always wonder what he thought of the shows to come especially 94&95. yeah gotta say this is the last consistently good year for the most part.
Reviewer: sailorsaint71 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 25, 2013
Subject: i like aud better
some of the outdoor summer shows sound better to me on an audience tape i love 91 it was like the last great party year i quit going after spring 92 when bruce did not show up for the expo shows in may.fall 90 all the way thru 91 at the time boards of these shows were everywhere so i have listened to most of them and was at quite a few minus if u stopped going way before this give bruce shows a listen if it sounds weird try an audience or a matrix
Reviewer: TNPAHead - - May 11, 2012
Subject: The Tennessee Three
Interesting run of Candyman, Memphis Blues and Tenn. Jed in set one. Just struck me that they sequenced like that in Kansas. You can even make a case that Walkin' continued the them; although Son House recorded it in Wisconsin in 1930 (never released) he was from the Clarksdale, Miss. area, just down river from Memphis. I'm trying to think of something significant happening in Tenn. in early summer '91 to spark this, or death of a bluesman...but I got nothing.
Reviewer: Spiral Light of Venus - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 11, 2012
Subject: Very under-rated run
On the list of under-rated shows this and the night before have to be on there. Very tight playing for both shows with great improvisational playing by all throughout. The song selection is stellar - a great balance of the traditionals/favorites but rare ones as well. I have heard David Lemieux never caught Comes A Time live so how wonderful to see it here very far from the west/east coast venues they played so often.
Reviewer: danno23 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 10, 2011
Subject: The Music Never Stopped
It's such a shame that Jerry is so low in the mix on this scorching version -- you can barely hear him RIPPING it and driving the bus HARD -- he plays 5 notes for every one you can hear...Weir is just turned WAY TOO UP by Healy and Jerry sounds muffled...I was in the front row directly in front of Jerome and you could hear EVERY crisp note -- it was like he was channeling another universe at the 5 minute mark onward - A truly transcendental experience to close the set and absorb for 45 minutes before the Scarlet-->Fire....
Reviewer: Jinglebell Rainbow - favoritefavorite - September 22, 2010
Subject: Jerry gets pissed off at Bobby
I one thing I will never forget about this show was that when Bob Started playing Good Lovin’ Jerry raised his arms and shook his head in disgust. Bob looked over at Phil for help I guess, Phil just stood there with no emotion or notion to do anything. Jerry went back to his amp and lit a cigarette and looked very upset, he did not even really play the song except for a quick solo and back up vocals. For what ever reason he was not happy with the choice of song Bobby picked. That makes this show one to remember. Obviously the Scarlet-Fire is great, the longest I have seen Bob starts to play Fire in the middle of the Scarlet jam and Jerry blows by him with more improvisational jamming to extend this lengthy workout.( The Scarlet-Fire the year before and Sandstone was also very good.) The Truckin -Smokestack has no real heart felt jamming at all. Post Tuckin jams all but disappeared much to my dismay. The post He’s Gone Jam is a bit mellow, nice, certainly nothing like the 1990 summer tour versions. It seems like they already spent massive jam energy during Scarlet-Fire. Comes A Time out of space is special and GDTRFB give a nice one-two Jerry punch.
Reviewer: gratedude69 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 28, 2010
Subject: good
good setlist here for a 90s show. 2nd set particularly good, song selection overall is good though...not a huge fan of the spacey digitally sound of the 90s but this show aint bad, worth checking out again...good dylan tunes in here too
Reviewer: Tie-Dye Dan - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 6, 2009
Subject: Great "Baby Blue" Here!!!
I Was at all these Sand Stone shows, not as intimate as the Starlight Theater Shows.Larger crowds,and not like the good Ol'Days but this Baby Blue is awesome and worth a download.It was the last time they hit this area and they left us with a beautiful It's all over now baby blue!!! 3 Stars for the show 5 for Baby Blue!!! Brent was gone but Bruce did do a fine job on this tune here!!!
Reviewer: hoghed - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 13, 2009
Subject: A great recording of a fine memory
My only bona fide Grateful Dead show just happened to be Garcia's last appearance in the Kansas City area...

Ya, I've seen Phil & Friends a couple times since then, and I saw 'The Dead' in St. Louis '04, but those shows just cannot compare with this one, simply because Jerry was there. And we obviously caught them on a good night! "Scarlet"/"Fire" just plain ROCKS; "Drums" was a highlight for this rhythm freak.

Do yourself a favor, latch onto this show and rattle the neighbor's dishes with it.
Reviewer: DeerCreek_Lawn! - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 15, 2009
Subject: Surgaree
It's funny that Bruce started out on the Grand then switched over to the acordian after the first verse or so, Vince must have been annoying him and Jerry and Jerry probably gave Bruce the nod to hit up the accordian cause vince was trying to one up himself on keyboards & vocals & kill the grand piano...which is totally not respectful...Jerry & Bruce had it going on when they were playing. Basically-Vince Sucks! From what I hear from people that were in the loop with the org, vince did not like hornsby around at all. I would have rather have had Bruce than Vince anyday...if you don't agree, you don't know! Hornsby did not want to do it solo career and family but still...Vince is awful!
Reviewer: gphishmon - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 5, 2008
Subject: A very hot show
One of the best examples of the swirling 2 keyboard sound of fall 1990 - spring 1992. Every song in the first set seems to have just a bit extra. The Scarlet>Fire is a strong workout, and the jam out of He's Gone is something special. Comes a Time is sung with conviction, even though the solo is not one of the better ones. Darn, it's too bad I was broke that year - they were hitting it out of the park on a regular basis.
Reviewer: stoner mulholland - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 19, 2008
Subject: i was a taper in 91''....we are everywhere..!!
i was on tour that year..and to me it was the last great year for the dead...anyway this show kicked ass!!!...if it wasnt so DAMM HOT!!..this day would have been perfect..the scarlet/ with vince ever.!!..the fire ALONE IS ONE OF THE BEST IN THE 90'S...20:04 ARE YOU KIDDING ME!...THE COMES A TIME OUT OF SPACE....i hear it today and it brings tears to my eyes...its just beautiful...the first set is just great...good energy..why not!..the dead had big fans blowing on them to keep them cool....i remember jerrys hair blow'in in the wind....we sweating are ass's off in the taper sec..witch was on the lawn...and how could i forget spraying topless girls with water that wasn't electric..all day..they would just walk up and stand in front of you and let you spray them with water..a hug and kiss and they where on there way..for a grilled cheese and a beer!!life was beautiful in 91''
Reviewer: Tito&Smokey - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 15, 2007
Subject: download this
The sound on this is one of the best on the site..........pretty great all around as fuck outside.Big-time Sugaree,although the keyboards kinda fuck it up.
Reviewer: Project J.A.M. - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 18, 2005
Subject: Comes A Time
GD after Brent passed is so hit or miss, but shows like this remind me why I kept going to see the Dead up to the end. Comes A Time is so heartbreaking and beautiful, you have to hear it to believe it. Jerry was really on fire this whole show, his voice sounds clear and his playing is full of energy. This recording sounds fantastic...definitely recommended, especially for those that sometimes fail to find the magic in the Dead during their last years of touring.
Reviewer: dmilks - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 20, 2005
Subject: One of the forgotten Gems of Summer 91
The sound is awesome, and the Band just rocks. I would argue this is one of the best of Summer 91. It was hot as hell those two days, the Parking Lot was a dustbowl, and man, it was a blast!! I love the Reuben and Cherise tease Jerry whips out before TJed. Double Jerry tunes out of space (not to mention one of them is Come A Time!). It doesn't get much better than this.

IMHO Epic Jack Straw>Sugaree
Reviewer: cdw - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 18, 2005
Subject: 5+
i could be wrong but i think the seuge jam towards the end of scarlet is also the closing jam for the so far vid but i could be wrong all in all good for the vinny years
Reviewer: El Santiago - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 15, 2005
Subject: Scarlet-Fire
If you want a quick way of finding out why this is an all-time great Scarlet-Fire, turn up very loud and listen to about 4:30 to 8:00 minutes into Fire. The way Jerry weaves his solo between themes, falls back to elicit responses from the band, then hammers home an amazing peak all with an extremely smooth style - the whole performance is a standout and the entire band is in the zone. Check out 5/13/1977 for another standout Scarlet-Fire from another era.
Reviewer: Gin Fizz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 8, 2005
Subject: Just Download It
One of the most fun shows I saw. A fat Scarlet>Fire and a lovely Candyman. Bruce on squeezebox for Sugaree is a bit much for me here, but the tempo is nice and dancy. And you have to love Comes a Time coming out of Space.

A fun show, good song selection well played, and a great recording of it. What could be better?
Reviewer: Aiko - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 23, 2005
Subject: very nice
What a pleasant little gem. Very nice recording, very nice to listen to. Great sugaree,scarlet fire, hes gone. Worth the download.
Reviewer: - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 12, 2005
Subject: Friggen Hot!
this show is smokin from the first song! not a very popular one it seems but here is a nugget of underated shows. you won't be disappointed if you download.
sound quality is top notch too.
Reviewer: GDTrey - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 2, 2004
Subject: Another HOT Summer '91 show
What can I say besides Bruce owned summer '91. The way he energized Jerry was just great.
Jack Straw > Sugaree is a wonderful start. Nice Candyman followed by probably my favorite Memphis Blues. The Music to close the first set is smokin.
The second set opens with Scarlet > Fire and never slows down. I like the Comes a Time and GDTRFB as well. Not as good as 6/17 or 6/14 but it is still hot.
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